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Welcome to Yaadain Limited. We are an International Wholesale Trade-Only Distributor. Our history has taken us from zero to our current status, in 4 short years - and following recent wholesale aquisitions the Company is ready for exponential growth, even in the current financial climate.

We are a general wholesale agent, specialisting in Importation and International Wholesale, supplying and distributing a wide range of branded and non-branded products to the retail, wholesale and commercial sectors.

Yaadain can help you additonally if you are looking to clear overstock and job-lot lines. With a dedicated buying team, we have a fast and efficient stock liquidation process.

If you think you qualify to trade with us, you can speak to us with relation to opening a trade account. Remember, Yaadain is a trade-only distributor and enquiries from members of the public will not be accepted.

Please make your way to the Contact section for further information on how you can reach us.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team right now, please feel free to call us on 01142431954.

Stock lists, availability and pricing are only viewable once you are registered user, within our recently revamped StockLive area!

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